Delivery Information

Exhibit Antiques take full responsibility for your purchases arriving safely. Every precaution is therefore taken to ensure customers are fully satisfied with our service. Should you require any assistance during the ordering or delivery process you can contact Exhibit via our websites direct contact form, email or telephone.


Packaging Process

Exhibit maintains a high standard of care by employing a simple yet reliable process.

  • The appropriate wares are first rinsed and then polished ready to be placed on display.

  • Each item is wrapped in acid-free, chlorine-free tissue paper. This protects even the most delicate surfaces from abrasion and detrition.

  • Wares are then encased in multiple layers of premium quality bubble wrap.

  • Piece by piece, items are then tightly surrounded using EcoFlo. Manufactured from starch, this material is 100% biodegradable and fully compostable. These fill-chips are flexible and durable ensuring any pressure during transportation is fully absorbed.

  • Everything is enclosed inside a heavy-duty, double-walled cardboard box.

  • Packages are finished with warning tape to ensure handlers are informed of the package contents.

Multiple Item Orders

Multiple items may either be combined into a single box or split between multiple boxes. This is typically dependant on the items weight and/or fragility.

All packages will be dispatched together on the same day. In these cases, you will be informed via email.


Dispatch & Couriers

All of our packages are dispatched via a tracked and signed system. This is provided to us by UPS (United Parcel Service) and has proven to us to be the most reliable and efficient service available internationally.

UPS pickup from our premises Monday, Wednesday and Friday, ensuring our packages are shipped within 2 working days.

UPS delivers to over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Shipping Time Estimates

The UK, USA East Coast and Europe typical shipping estimates are 1-2 days.

The USA West Coast and Canada typical shipping estimates are 2-3 days.

Australia and the Rest of the World typical shipping estimates are 3-4 days.


Shipping Cost Estimates

We utilize a competitive courier contract to keep shipping rates as low as possible. As each item is unique, costs are calculated by using the weight and delivery location.

The UK, shipping costs are between £8.50 - £10.

Europe, shipping costs are between £14 - £18.

The USA, shipping costs under 2kg is between £18 - £23.


Customer Aftercare

Once you have successfully placed an order, confirmation and a receipt of purchase will be sent to your registered email address.

This will be followed up by a confirmation of dispatch email containing your UPS tracking number.

UPS then handle any further notifications as your package passes through their system. Once known, UPS will provide location updates and estimated delivery times.


Returns & Refunds

All packages are fully insured by Exhibit Antiques. In the unlikely event that an item(s) is damaged or lost in transit, a full refund, including postage, is guaranteed.

If you change your mind or are unhappy with an item(s), for any reason, simply contact Exhibit Antiques within 30 days of placing the order and we will arrange pickup via UPS from your chosen address. Upon receipt of the returned item(s), a full refund is guaranteed.