Who Are We?

Exhibit Antiques are a team of specialists dedicated to the appreciation of historical, cultural antiquity… “it’s really that simple.”

Collectors, historians and antique lovers, no matter their area of interest, share the very same passions for style, craftsmanship and knowledge as we do.

Co-ordinating internationally we are a family run business now trading in our third generation. Based in Scotland we trade exclusively online, this requires a high degree of accuracy and reliability. You can feel assured that our team of experienced specialists make your needs, priority. We believe in fair trading and as such, providing the right value for our customers is essential.

Meet the team

  • Alex Smillie

    Managing Director, Customer Relations, Valuations


    The families history in antiques goes back to Alex’s Father William, who in the mid-1970s discovered his love and roots in old furniture. Eventually, he went on to become a self-taught antique furniture restorer with his own shop in Edinburgh. William was also a very early member of the Scottish Antique Pottery Society. By his mid-teens, Alex was submerged in the family business and surrounded by antiques.

    His great great great great grandfather on his Mother’s side of the family, William Cornwall (a name he took when he came to Scotland in the 1840’s) was a designer and potter at the Portobello Pottery works. Today some of his larger exhibition pieces can still be seen at the National Museum of Scotland.

    In 2002, Alex started an antique export business to the USA, he was also one of the very first glass dealers to champion online trading to a worldwide customer base. Many years down the line, his knowledge, experience and discerning eye for the right pieces for Exhibit Antiques is an invaluable asset to the company. Alex takes a hands-on approach in the company sourcing and evaluating our entire collection. If you would like to market any antiques and collectibles or require a valuation, please contact Alex to discuss the possibilities.

  • Nicola Smillie

    Photographer, Design & Marketing


    Curiosity (an insatiable passion for knowledge) is certainly a defining factor in what has propelled Nicola’s fascination with antiquities and history. Exhibit Antiques, for her, is the product of a family legacy, one she intends on continuing for future generations. Being introduced to the world of antiques at a young age has given her a sixth sense for identification, while her time studying art and design ensures our collection is always of the finest quality.

    Nicola’s roles at Exhibit include photography, visual marketing, media management and of course, research. However, her pride and joy is the Exhibit Articles area. Specially designed by Nicola for our users, she believes open access to this shared library of knowledge can serve to inform and inspire antique collectors and specialists alike. Specialists, curators and collectors, are welcome and invited to contact Nicola to discuss publishing guest articles.

  • Blake Kilgour

    Administration & Finances


    Blake is the jack of all trades at Exhibit. As well as keeping the office organised and assuring everything is on track, Blake also carries out day to day tasks such as processing sales, helping customers and giving all of our pieces their descriptions.

    His love for antiques lies with the deceptive drinking glasses, as well as antique hand tools, to name but two. When he’s not in the office, Blake enjoys building and painting ridiculously small soldiers, tanks and other wonderful things. He is also a bit of a bookworm, some of his favourites being Pet Sematary, The Dark Tower and 1984.



Our Story

For years customers from all across the world have shared their histories and love of antiques. Becoming part of these stories inspired us to share our own.

"And so in true Scottish form..."

There once was a man who hailed from Scotland, 
tall and kind with wispy hair. 
A husband and father with no change to spare, 
he toiled with strength, through all he could bear.

William Smillie, an odd name to be sure. 
A tradition of fathers who came before.
A settled life with a happy wife, 
is there much more to covet? In this, a short life.

Passing the torch came with more than a name, 
Accompanying him were the tools of a trade.
With toughening hands and the softening of years, 
his passions were found before 40 cheers.

Oils and chisels would be strewn around, 
as the fruits of his labour furnished the house.
All he would restore, his children did adore.
His wife, a picture, tripping around the store.

For every month passed, his collections did grow.
A seed had been planted that the seasons would sew.
From this, a man, humble and wise.
Our inspiration was sure to arise.