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In life, many of us, if not all, will come across the notion of life’s purpose. Perhaps more accurately, we may question whether or not life has an intrinsic purpose, something that can be found or realised upon reflection. Or is purpose something that we create for ourselves, not a thing at all, but an ethereal idea, one that may only be conceived of within the bounds of the human condition.

Прощание Moscow, Hello Oklahoma.

Veronica too struggled with the question of life’s purpose and in her younger years sought to explore what she felt was missing. Graduating in Moscow, it wasn’t long before Veronica was following a path of opportunity and adventure, relocating to the United States in an attempt to find herself. However, obtaining a degree in business only served to disillusion her further. Veronica had become increasingly aware of the gap between her passions and the skills she’d pursued, coming to the conclusion that, in her own words “I couldn’t imagine living in some office space, performing tasks and crunching numbers. I had a different personality and a different calling.”

Oklahoma State University Graduation, 2003.

When change happens within our lives, it can take a while for us to even notice and indeed to find the source. Sometimes the change is subtle and complicated, other times it’s sudden and obvious, but one thing is certain, any change is larger than ourselves and sets into motion what many of us know as ‘the butterfly effect’. So, perhaps it is only in retrospect that we see Veronica’s butterfly, her son, as it was only when this butterfly was born that Veronica took up her brushes for the first time.

Veronica & her son Vlad at the tea house, January 2020.

Whenever she put paint to canvas, Veronica found a deep inexplicable joy pushing its way through the years of timid introversion. Finding this emotional outlet motivated Veronica into attending art school, this is where her life’s purpose began to make sense. The painful introspection that once left her feeling lost could now be explored, expressed and transformed. When asked to put it into her own words, Veronica had this to say, “I chose to go to art school to fill the gap I felt inside me, I found my gift from the deepest emotional pain. Art helped me survive… Pursuing the emotions with colour, I decided to focus on what made me happy. Painting.”

Veronica Winter’s Process

It is no wonder then, that Veronica’s artworks captivate and speak to the soul. Her works involve a deeply personal exploration of what it is, to be of the feminine mind. The interior life of a woman, if you will. Our internal existence is rarely how we present ourselves on the surface, this relationship, between what is perceived and what is not, is exactly what Veronica strives to express. Representing the conflicting feelings of absence and presence, loss and fulfilment, chaos and peace, using colour, figure and symbology.


Pursuing Emotions in Colour, Romantic Paintings of Women.

Veronica puts great effort into giving a true portrayal of her own understanding, taking care to investigate her own emotional identity. What she brings to canvas is a clear illustration of the ties between loss, fulfilment, solitude and love, in an open and honest way.

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Original Paintings of Venetian Masks and Carnival, the Venetian Series.

Today Veronica believes that art is innately therapeutic, for her, it means emotional healing and sharing. Her message is simple, “Do what you love! Go deep inside yourself to explore what makes you fulfilled and excited regardless circumstances, approval or outcome. Take action by writing out your thoughts and emotions regularly. Paint them. Share them. Do what makes you happy”.

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Article Author | Nicola Smillie

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