Michael J. Hunter

Master Craftsman & Glassworks Pioneer

Shop Glassworks by Michael J. Hunter

Michael’s passion and dedication have spanned decades, although, in his own words “no-one could ever master glass, there are too many areas to cover”.

Among Michaels many accolades he has earned the crowning achievement of seamlessly blending the old with the new. A deep understanding of historic techniques have given Michael an ability to push the boundaries of decorative glassware, this is evident and ever-present in his one-of-a-kind creations.


Glassworks by Michael J. Hunter

Beginning his apprenticeship in 1974 at the age of 16, Michael’s skill developed quickly, producing his first works in 1981. Experimenting with murrine and colourful internal trailing, it’s clear that even Michael’s earliest work features hints of his signature style.


Made in the Summer of 1981.Made around 1987. The first attempt of ‘vetro a retortoili’ and 18th-century filigree twists.

For any young glass gatherer, the dream is always to create the next masterpiece. Trading his first works through the renowned Wedgewood shop, then producing glassware for Welsh Royal Crystal, he became chair to a hardworking diligent team of glass technicians. By his mid-20’s this apprentice was well on his way, earning the title of master in 1987.


Made in 2006 at the Marquis masterclass in Wick, Scotland.

Honing his craft at the Lindean Mill glassworks in Scotland, Michael went on to attend the master classes of mentors working nationwide. His pioneering work was found in combining 19th-century French paperweight skills with ancient and modern Venetian techniques. These production methods have been self-taught, adapted and refined by Michael, bringing to market an inspiring range of functional and decorative modern artworks.


The founding of Twists Glass Studio in 1998 gave freedom and opportunity to become a self-made designer. Michael has since attained over a dozen awards for excellence and is recognised as one of the leading glass artists in Britain today.


Handpicked by Exhibit from the furnace shelves. The Twists Studio Glass Collection showcases a handful of these award-winning creations, some of which are unique one-of-one pieces.

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